Video: Skrolli ❤️ Quake tournament grand final (Assembly Summer 2018)

At Assembly Summer 2018, the Finnish computer culture magazine Skrolli celebrated esports with a special Skrolli ❤️ Quake tournament. Assembly visitors were able to experience 1-on-1 deathmatches against fellow party-goers in Quake 1 at the Skrolli booth.

The grand final was played at 18:00 on Saturday, with the excellent Teemu ”Wabbit” Hiilinen as our Finnish language esports announcer. You can view the entire final below:

In case you want to watch the video first, we’ll do our best not to spoil you the top 3 here. If you’d just like to know who won, ROT13 this: Frpbaq Xryyb Svefg YhTvn Guveq Xdd

Congratulations to the daily winners of the limited edition Skrolli ”QUAKET V#&&%%N” T-shirts and of course the top 3 for being victorious!

Text and video: Janne Sirén
Filming: Sakari Lönn, Toni Kuokkanen
Intro/outro: Toni Kortelahti
Photos: Manu Pärssinen