Skrolli International Edition

Skrolli 2017.1E - International EditionSkrolli is a mainly volunteer-based computer culture magazine on paper and digital. The magazine has a Finnish edition – simply known as Skrolli – as well as an English version, the Skrolli International Edition. Read our FAQ.

For those who read Finnish or are in Finland, see Skrolli-kauppa and Skrolli-sovellus.

How to get Skrolli International Edition in English

A new issue of Skrolli International Edition (2017.1E) is now available for purchase. Shipments started in August, 2017. The previous issue is also available (2016.1E bundled or digital).


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Skrolli International Edition’s first English issue was originally released through Indiegogo in paper and PDF formats (now sold out there). We also have a free sample available here.

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If you would like to register your interest in more English issues from Skrolli, you can still fill in the form below. We continue to gauge interest in 2017-2018 and collect names for future issues, beyond the current plans.