Discount time!

Missed out on the English language Skrolli International Edition? Not to worry, we still have a limited supply of the first 2016.1E issue available and of course the latest issue 2017.1E in stock as well.

Hello from the other side!

While haven’t published an English issue in 2018 (still have back issues on sale though!), we have produced four Finnish language Skrolli magazines.

This is why we can have nice things

While Skrolli is not a retro magazine, we write about interesting topics in the field of computing, regardless of when they took place. That sometimes includes old and retro things.

What is Skrolli?

Skrolli’s editor-in-chief Tapio Berschewsky goes to the interwebs and spills the beans on what is Skrolli and perhaps just as importantly, what it is not.