Skrolli 2016.1E – International Edition


  • Ville-Matias Heikkilä: Slow and steady
  • Pico-8
  • Doomsday machines
  • 256-byte programs
  • History of Soviet and Eastern Bloc computers
  • Mikko Heinonen: We upgraded your device, it’s ruined!
  • Abandonware – the controversial software graveyard
  • Internets before the Internet – the rise and fall of modem BBSes
  • Beautiful, forgotten UNIX hardware
  • Hidden bursts
  • Escaping Big Brother
  • Why demos suck
  • How SEGA dropped the ball
  • Salvaging viable hardware
  • Building a computer in the past
  • Machine code: The gateway to the computer’s soul
  • Entry-level soldering
  • Hackerspaces and the thrill of making things
  • Illuminatus

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